This project has gathered and made available online oral testimony from men and women who sought sanctuary in Scotland to escape the racism of Nazi-dominated Europe. Some came on the Kindertransport, others survived concentration camps.

Many made remarkable journeys to get to safety in Scotland.

There is much for you to see and hear on this site.

Listen to the voices of the survivors – their accents will tell you a lot about their journeys. There are Scottish accents, continental lilts and sometimes a mixture of both.

All the interviewees spoke about the terrible events that brought them to Scotland.

refugees ariving in the UK

They also described the challenges of integration, including learning another language and fitting in to a different culture. Their stories are remarkable – you will discover how people coped with prejudice, adversity and tragedy and moved on to have fulfilling lives in their new country.

Find here moving love stories and family histories, fascinating documents and revealing images, including visas, passports, artefacts, letters and photographs.

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On each person’s pages, you can use the audio player at the right hand side of the screen to listen to the testimony.

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